Starcall FAQ

What is a request?
In the internet art world, a request is often used to explain a piece of art that is created based upon the suggestion or inspiration of another. An artist may then choose to use this idea to create a piece of artwork that promotes their skill while at the same time doing a kindness for someone who may not be an artist themselves. Requests are not demands, obligations, or commissions.

When will my request be done?
No one can say! Requests are exactly that – requests, not obligations. Starcall does not have a staff, all artists are volunteers who choose to donate their time and talent to the project. An artist will choose to fulfill your request when and if they feel inspired by it. Some may never be chosen, and while that is unfortunate don’t let it discourage you. Keep refining and posting your ideas and chances are someone will pick it up!

Are you the only artist working on this project?
I am the creator of Starcall and the completed projects you see listed in my gallery were all done by me. However, as we extend the project to the community, you will see a number of other like-minded artists joining in the Starcall spirit! For those especially dedicated, you can find the list of artists here.

Do requests cost money?
Requests are free, however, I encourage tipping an artist for their hard work. These projects are often done in an artist’s free time and can be just as challenging as paid work. If you cannot monetarily support them, be sure to spread the word about their kindness via social media.

How do I submit a request?
Click the link to the Starcall page above, on the main menu. Once on the page, you’ll find a link to submit your request at the bottom of the page. Be sure to carefully read the rules before accepting.

Can I submit more than one request?
Yes, but please keep others in mind – you are not the only person submitting. If someone is excessively submitting requests, moderators may delete their entries entirely. Just because you’ve submit more requests than everyone else does not mean yours will be chosen. What we are trying to promote here is selflessness, not greed. Please decide carefully before submitting.

Can I complete a request that has already been chosen and fulfilled?
Yes. Feel free to draw any of the listed requests. There is no limited to how many people can choose to do them.

What style of art is accepted?
At Starcall, we accept all styles. We don’t put limitations on what you can and can’t draw. Search for your inspiration and create to your hearts desire. There is no need to ask what is acceptable.

Where can I find the request I submitted? Can I edit it?
Each request will be submitted to the Request thread on the forum. If you would like to make sure your request was successfully submitted, or would like to browse through other available projects, click here. At this time, editing your request post directly is not an option. You can instead reply to your request thread should there be any mistakes or future changes you wish to apply to the original post.

When will I know if my request was chosen or finished?
Projects will receive a response from the artist directly on the thread if he/she has fulfilled your request. You will receive an email anytime a response has been posted.

Can I be a Starcall Artist and also submit requests?
Absolutely! The goal is the same for both sides of the project. Feel free to request art, as well as make art!

How can I help make Starcall more successful?
First and foremost, thank you. I appreciate your yearning to help the cause – this project means a lot to all of us here. There are a couple of things you can do! 

You can directly aid the production of my request projects by supporting the project via patreon! The support offered here helps cover the maintenance of the website, as well as my personal time invested in creating artwork for the community. You’re helping the community grow, while getting lots of artsy rewards in return.

For those who are unable to make a financial commitment, I want to stress that your assistance is just as important! Spread the word, share the idea of Starcall on social media so that more can join our awesome team! Promote the #starcall tag, and be sure to share

I want to share the artwork created by artists on this site on my social media page. Is that okay?
That is absolutely fine. If you repost, I ask that you give credit to the artist who participated in making your project for their hard work. Please also include the #starcall tag, as well as a link to the Starcall page – more eyes on the page means more inspiration for all!

This is a sample post:

Artist: Sylessae (tag them on social media, or link to their gallery)
This artwork was created for the request project #starcall