Featured Artists

These are not the only artists participating in the completion of requests. The forums are open to everyone and all you need to do to start helping out the project is pick a request! These artists, however, have shown exceptional activity, hard work, and encouragement within the community.  This page is meant to showcase them and their work. All artists are encouraged to participate in fulfilling requests on behalf of Starcall, and all artists have an opportunity to earn a place on our showcase page.

What does it take to become a Featured Artist?

Sylessae, Creator of Starcall | Digital Artist | Portfolio
Art is a means to inspire and bring joy through the expression of ourselves.
Elaina | Digital Artist | Website
Art has always been my passion, and I love using it as a way to bring both myself and others happiness.
Serapeum17 | Digital Artist | Website
Drawing always was the place where I turn off the world, problems, and just let my mind free.
Beejay (Seadragon) | Digital Artist | Website
Art has always been a way for me to relax and make people smile.
Maxie | Digital Artist | Website
Art is a big part of me. It’s a way for me to escape reality and it makes me very happy to could create anything.
Cande | Digital Artist | Website
It’s my passion, and what I hope to work as in the future.
Leila | Traditional Artist | Website
I have been drawing since I have a memory and it’s a part of my life. Getting back to drawing and sharing it with other people was like being born again!
Lmih | Traditional & Digital Artist | Website
Art is my language, I’m a quite shy and reserved person in the outside world but through my art I can express myself as much as I want and tell all my stories.
Ally | Digital Artist | Website
Art brings me joy and ease. I want to share this feeling with the world by creating art not only for myself but also for others.
Elisabeth (Stunsail) | Digital Artist | Website
For me art is the way to interact with the world, the way to bring my dreams and fantasies to reality, the way to explain and show people my feelings.
Eleanora | Digital Artist | Website
Art is one of my favourite things in the world! It’s a huge part of me, and being able to share that with others is absolutely brilliant.