Starcall Artist Application has been closed (for now!)

I would like to give a warm welcome to Elaina, Serapeum, Seadragon and AristocrArt to the Starcall Artist team! I received so many amazing submissions, but for now I have closed the application.

The forums are open to ALL artists to participate in art-giving, however, I’d like to showcase these artists for their work within the community. Starcall Artists fulfill requests regularly each month, as well as maintain positive and helpful attitudes when interacting with the community.

In the future, based upon other artist activity within the community, the team and I will be recruit more artists to this team. Each one will earn a place on the Starcall Artist page.

Starcall Artists Wanted

With the launch of the Starcall forums, I’m happy to announce that the request project is now open to the entire community! It’s important to me that artists who have been inspired by Starcall, and have chosen to open their own requests projects because of it, are noticed! Because of this, I’ve decided to set up a team of artists to participate in the completion of requests.

Any artist can join; we are looking for traditional/digital artists, photographers, writers, musicians, etc. However, in order to keep the community of artists thriving here, I’ve decided to put a small list of rules in place.

1.) An artist on this team must complete at least one project for Starcall every 30 days. I want to stress that completing requests at all is by no means an obligation. If you want to complete requests at your own pace, you are free to continue your own request project. However, in order to promote activity,  artists who participate in the Starcall Request Project are asked to complete a minimum of one request project a month. If you decide that this is no longer an option for you, there is no penalty for stepping down. You can rejoin the project when it suits you; we simply want to promote active artists in the community.

2.) Promote kindness, positivity, and encouragement within the community. This as simple as being kind to one another. Answer artistic questions if you are able, use only constructive criticism when commenting on other’s work, and help those who may be struggling to continue their artistic endeavors.

Artists on this team will be recognized on the forums for their hard work. As the group grows, there will be a dedicated page showcasing these passionate individuals. Applications for this position are closed; the team of artists will be choosing others to join our team in the future.

Welcome to!

We’re still working out the kinks, but my hope is to make this site an integral part of our community! Check in frequently to see what we’ve got going on here. Specifically:

  • is the official home of Starcall! I have big plans for the project in the near future and I’m beyond happy that you all have chosen to be a part of them – stay tuned for more!
  • We have plans to add forums where artists, writers, photographers and creative people of all kinds can share their work with their peers. 
  • You will be able to access my gallery right here, and soon my Patreon supporters will be able to come here for their rewards as well!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m so excited that you’re all here with me as I take this next step.

<3 Sylessae