A Warm Welcome

 Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve made a post for anything other some awesome art features! Today, I’d like to welcome Leila and Cande to our Starcall Artist team. You guys have been an amazing addition to our forums, and I wanted to showcase you both for all of your hard work!

Be sure to give these lovelies some attention – they are both so talented! You can find all of their details (once it’s updated) on the Starcall Artist Feature Page.

Art Feature

Some artists are showing their skills this weekend on the forums. Have a look, and enjoy. 🙂

By Starcall Artist Serapeum17

By Artist Lady-Raven

Art Feature

Some Starcall requests have been fulfilled! Take a moment to admire the hard work of our artists.
Galleries for individual artists will be updated in due time. 🙂

By Starcall Artist Elaina

By Starcall Artist Sylessae

By Starcall Artist Maxie