Junequest is my second annual personal challenge, request project, and large giveaway!

I host this project every year to inspire those within the art community to also show love and generosity to their fellow friends and artists. This project is meant to encourage others to create and give art as gifts. The challenge also spurred the creation of Project Starcall last year - a website where artists of all variety create artwork for others all year long! I intend to keep the annual challenge going strong!


While I take requests all year long from the selection on Project Starcall, Junequest is different; during Junequest, I focus on ONLY creating requests and this is the only month where you can directly request a project from me. Not all requests will be chosen but I will be giving out sketch requests every day and a number of full paintings by the end of the month!

  • Submit your request using the form below!
  • Please do not submit the same request more than once; it will not help your chances.
  • You are allowed to make a request regardless of whether or not you support my patreon.
  • Please do not beg or constantly ask me about your request.
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    While I will be busy creating as many requests as possible, I am asking for your help to reach my goal to double my patreon support. It's an ambitious goal - I know! - but with your help we can defeat this challenge.

    Patreon has been an absolute blessing over the last year and a half. I can't even begin to express my love for the beautiful souls that have joined me on my art journey. They are my friends, my cheerleaders, my confidence - we've become a family of artists growing together. While the platform has been a real reason to stay on track with art, that has nothing on how many amazing and kind people it has brought together into our close knit community. At the start of Junequest this year I have 49 patrons and how miraculous would it be to see that number double? It's a small gesture, and though you're a sweetheart whether or not you donate, it would literally take each person one dollar a month to help me complete my challenge.

    If you like what I'm doing here and would like to see me continue, please consider joining my patreon team!
    I will be asking everyone who signs up what they would like to see right now on my patreon - this is your chance to ask for rewards that excite you!

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    This is a temporary form that I open every year as part of Junequest that allows you to directly request artwork from me. Please fill out the request form if you have a character in mind that you wish to have drawn! Answer all questions to the best of your ability. Those who have already submitted Project Starcall requests may simply add a direct link to their request page to avoid filling in the character details. Requests do not cost any money. They are a gift from me to you.

    Keep in mind that not all submissions will be accepted, but I will try my best to pick yours! Only patrons will receive full size, high resolution images (even if the request I've chosen is yours).

    Email address

    Twitter username (if available)

    Deviantart username (if available)

    Other social media

    If you support my Patreon, what is your username?

    Are you requesting fan art or an original character design?
    Fan Art

    Please provide me with as many details about the character(s) as possible. Include descriptions of personality, appearance, and any other detail you think might benefit their design in the illustration. If you have a Starcall request for this character, link it here instead!

    Provide reference image links if available

    All request work is for personal use only, and cannot be claimed as your own or used for resale or commercial purposes.
    I agree

    Additional comments or suggestions

    How did you find my artwork?


    Why Junequest?
    Junequest is my way of giving back to the wonderful community that has chosen to support the projects I create and to inspire others to share art in the very same manner!

    Are you the only artist working on this project?
    Yes! Junequest is my own personal challenge - I embark on this adventure every summer!

    How do I submit my request?
    Please fill in the form above! Your request will be sent directly to me.

    Are requests free?

    What is Patreon?
    Patreon is a way for creators to make money for the projects they are already creating! Small donations from the community allows a creator to continue to make the content you enjoy!

    I don't have money to support patreon. Can I still submit a request?
    Absolutely! You are not required to become a patron in order to receive gift art. I am always giving art away to the community as a whole.

    How do I enter the giveaway?
    Those who sign up to patreon will be automatically entered into the giveaway! A winner will be chosen within the first week of July!

    How do I know you received my request?
    Once you click "submit" your request will be sent directly to my inbox!

    When will I know if you chose/finished my request?
    You can follow any of my social media platforms to be updated on finished requests. They will also be posted on this page - so be sure to check back! Alternatively, if you use social media, I will tag you if the request I chose is yours!

    Can I submit more than one request?

    How can I help make Junequest more successful?
    Please share the project on social media using the buttons above! Any support via patreon also helps fund the project - but if you are not able to commit to a monthly fee, you can always visit my ko-fi page for a one time donation! Funds go directly to my paypal account.

    Can I contact you by another method for my request?
    Because of the volume of requests I receive, this is the easiest way for me to track my incoming requests. I will only be taking requests via the form on this page.

    Can I submit fanart or original designs?
    You are welcome to submit any design of your choosing; original characters and fanart are both welcome!