Sunday Art Feature #12

Before all else, I’d like to offer a big warm welcome to our newest Starcall artist: Eleanora!


And another art feature this week! Hope you guys enjoy! If you were not featured, or would like your art to be featured in future weeks, be sure to post your completed images on the weekly completed requests thread!

Please put this week’s finished requests here:
Completed Request Thread for week of 01/15

By Artist Claret

By Starcall Artist stunsail

Kore the half gargoyle [Starcall request] by LeilaAscarizBy Starcall Artist Leila

Raven - Skekkel's OC by eleanoraart
By Starcall Artist Eleanora

By Starcall Creator Sylessae

Eris by Grace-the-Ace
By Artist Grace-the-Ace

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