About Sylessae

I am Sylessae; just your average 24 year old rebel who disagreed with everyone that told me art wasn’t a job. I am a lover of animals, a positivity-spreading fanatic, and an art enthusiast. Right now, I am traveling the United States as a freelance artist, finding inspiration where ever I go.

I have always had a penchant for art; from drawing stick figures on my dad’s office white boards as a child, to painting for clients as a full-time career – it’s always been a staple in my life.

As I grew older I began to realize how powerfully moving art can be. It brings people together, and expresses so much more without words. It is a true universal language. What I have chosen to express with my art is altruism.

There are so many people out there who would love artwork, but simply can’t afford it for themselves. I make a living with my art, and I believe that every hard-working artist should have that same opportunity. But ultimately art is much more to me than a means to pay my bills. It is an opportunity to inspire, uplift, and share a little joy with the people who have made my community the success that it has been, and pay my wonderful team back for the contributions they have made – monetary or otherwise.

My goal in my spare time between paid projects is to spread some cheer of my own by creating free artwork for individuals that I find exceptionally kind and supportive within the art community. And through this, Starcall was born.

Over the past few months, Starcall has grown, and because of this, I decided to create a Patreon devoted to it. But more than that, I have made a community – one where you guys are the ones who make everything possible. Together, we have created a place for artists of all kinds and art-lovers everywhere to share and bond with one another, and with each day, this wonderful community has continued to grow. If you like what we have going on here and would like to access and grow alongside our positive community, become a part of the patreon team here. Patrons get access to a private request bin, and access to lots of artsy goodies as a reward – everyone wins!

On that note, I want to continue to not only encourage kindness and selflessness with art, but also opening up more opportunities for every kind of artist out there. My main goal is to create an environment where everyone is able to take part, where people of all talent levels can grow together as artists, and where those people who may not have the means to create art of their own can collaborate with artists from all walks of life. This is my dream, a place where we can create, give, and inspire others.

And please, if you ever want a place to not only share your own art, but to gain more insight on honing your craft, experience the art of other talented people just like you, and just plain hang out in a relaxed, supportive environment, please feel free to drop-in to the Starcall Discord by clicking here.

I hope that you decide to join our team!

♥ Sylessae